What kind of wax do you use at the spa?
We use a gentle, essential oil lavender wax which is designed to reduce irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin.

What is the difference between a Brazilian and an American bikini wax?
This differs from salon to salon but for us, the Brazilian wax removes all hair in and around the bikini line, EXCEPT a thin strip usually an inch wide as long or short as you would like. The American wax removes all hair from bikini and beyond, leaving no hair… anywhere.

Do I need to do anything special before a wax appointment?
If you are sensitive we recommend taking Ibuprofen an hour before your appointment. If it can be avoided, try not to shower or use lotion on waxed areas within two hours as it may cause irritation because the pores are open.


How do I prepare for my spray tan?
The night prior to the spray tan the body should be exfoliated making sure all dry patches are scrubbed, rinse well. The next morning be sure to shower with no scrub and do not moisturize.

How long does a spray tan last?
Your tan should last 5-10 days.

How can I make my tan last longer?
Prep the skin correctly prior to your spray tan, use an oil base moisturizer daily (coconut oil works great), avoid harsh soaps and hot water you can also extend your tan by using a light-skinned moisturizer daily.

What should I wear to tan?
The loosest clothes possible, flip-flops hair should be pulled up into a bun or off the face as much as possible.

How many days before my event (wedding, vacation, etc.) should I tan?
Two days is perfect but the day before works as well.

How long does it take the tan to dry?
Your tan will be surface dry when you leave your appointment but it sets to a final color over the next 2 to 4 hours.

When can I shower after my tan?
The longer the better but the first shower should be no earlier than six hours after your spray tan. Soap is not recommended just a cool rinse to set the tan all excess color will wash off during this first shower.